École Léandre-LeGresley cleans beach in Grande-Anse

The beach of Grande-Anse is a wonderful family and tourist destination for the village of Grande-Anse. However, litter has been an issue along the Bay of Chaleur coastal community. So on September 17, 37 students from l’École Léandre-LeGresley took it upon themselves to clean the beach with the help of an Encorp Recycling Heros Community Cleanup Grant.

The students were supplied with gloves and bags to help bring the beach back to its pristine condition.

Throughout the day, the students were able to pick up three bags worth of litter as well as three old lobster traps that had washed to shore. The clean up also served as a learning tool to show how concrete actions can help keep the planet clean and safe.

Additionally, the students enjoyed the clean-up so much that the school is planning to organize another clean-up event next year. They even cleaned and stored the gloves they were provided in order to reuse them for future clean-up events.

Great work École Léandre-LeGresley! We hope that your efforts will inspire others in the community to make the Grande-Anse beach cleaner for all to enjoy.

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