Encorp Atlantic and La Bikery Celebrate Earth Day with Innovative Bike Rack Near Moncton City Hall

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Encorp Atlantic and La Bikery Celebrate Earth Day with Innovative Bike Rack Near Moncton City Hall

MONCTON – APRIL 18, 2019 – Cyclists in Moncton will soon be able to park and secure their bicycles on an eye-catching new bike rack near City Hall, on the corner of Botsford and Main.

Shaped like a car, the green-coloured bike rack not only draws your attention, but also makes an important statement about sustainable transportation and urban design – it accommodates a dozen bicycles in the same space one car would usually take up in a single parking space.

Designed with the help of Brian Branch (Branch Graphic Design), the bike rack is the result of a collaboration between Encorp Atlantic and La Bikery. Branch is a long-time collaborator of Encorp Atlantic as well as an avid cyclist and Board Member of La Bikery. His design was brought to life by Metaltech.

Media and the public are invited to the unveiling ceremony on Friday, April 19, 2019, at 11 a.m. – just in time for Earth Day, which will be taking place a few days later.

“We are thrilled to install this new bike rack to encourage active transportation,” says La Bikery Executive Director Simon Dubé. “Having bike racks in our downtown core makes it easier for citizens to choose cycling as a healthier and more environmentally friendly approach to going to work or going out and enjoying the downtown. What we are offering is a better way to utilize our urban space.” La Bikery boasts a community bicycle centre on Assomption Boulevard with a workshop space for bicycle maintenance that is a popular gathering place for the cycling community. Its members are strong advocates for sustainable transportation options in the tri-city community.

Encorp Atlantic, well-known for its Re-Centre and Re-Express recycling pilot projects (automated beverage container depots in Moncton), was eager to partner with La Bikery for the new bike rack. Encorp Atlantic is the organization responsible for handling the processing and recycling of all non-alcoholic deposit-bearing beverage containers received by redemption centres in New Brunswick. “We saw a natural fit with our community environmental outreach efforts,” explains Encorp Atlantic General Manager Pierre Landry. “One of our current focuses is to create public space for recycling. Bike racks like these could be installed throughout the city and include recycling bins where passersby can drop beverage containers and other recyclable materials. So, not only are we encouraging active living and sustainable transportation by offering citizens convenient places to secure and park their bicycles, but we are creating more public spaces for recycling, meaning less litter dropped carelessly on our sidewalks and streets. The bike rack next to City Hall is our prototype. The next bike rack with this design will look at ways to best integrate the use of these recycling bins. We hope to be able to supply and install several more bike racks soon.”

“The City of Moncton is evolving and initiatives like this one focus our attention on the importance of sustainable and active transportation. Encorp Atlantic and La Bikery have been great partners in bringing this unique bike rack to our downtown. We are seeing more and more cyclists on our streets and that says a lot about how our community is making healthier and more environmentally friendly transportation decisions. I ride my bike to City Hall as often as I can and look forward to locking it up on the new bike rack!” says Mayor Dawn Arnold.


Media inquiries:

Pierre Landry – General Manager – Encorp Atlantic

Encorp Atlantic provides used beverage container management services to organizations that distribute deposit-bearing non-alcoholic beverage products in New Brunswick. Encorp Atlantic represents more than 85 non-alcoholic beverage product distributors and is responsible for processing and recycling all non-alcoholic deposit-bearing beverage containers received by redemption centres in the province. Every year, Encorp Atlantic manages more than 160 million post-consumer non-alcoholic beverage containers.

Simon Dubé – Executive Director- La Bikery

La Bikery is a community bicycle centre that offers a workshop space for bicycle maintenance and repairs as well as other bicycle-related programs. The coop’s mission is to enable citizens of our tri-community to choose cycling as a way to get around.


Brian Branch – Branch Graphic Design

Branch Graphic Design, launched in 1998 by Brian Branch, is a graphic design studio located in Moncton. The studio’s goal is to develop innovative design ideas and solutions for governmental and private institutions, businesses of all types that operate in a responsible way, and organizations involved in the social, environmental and cultural sectors.


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