Chipman Communities In Bloom Holds Successful Annual Cleanup Event

Chipman Communities in Bloom held a successful community cleanup event on May 28th,  gathering the attention of Encorp Atlantic as an official recipient of one of its 2021 Recycling Heroes Community Cleanup Grants. Every year since 2018, Chipman Communities in Bloom organizes a cleanup event to encourage homeowners and businesses to pick up litter from the street they live on and around the Village of Chipman’s Main Street, Wharf, and Library

As a non-profit organization, Chipman Communities in Bloom’s purpose and moto are:
  1. To foster civic pride, environmental responsibility, and beautification with a focus on enhancing green spaces in the Village of Chipman and the surrounding area.
  2. To establish a network of close fellowship and cooperation among citizens of the Chipman area. Its motto: “People, Plants and Pride… Growing Together” describes the organization’s goals aptly.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s cleanup event had a great turnout of volunteers. In a day’s work, participants were able to pick up litter from all but two side streets in the community. The sponsorship offered by Encorp’s Community Cleanup Grant helped to bring a special focus on recycling, and the organization decided to enhance its efforts by partnering with the local high school shop class to make recycling bins. Once completed, they will be placed strategically around the village to encourage recycling in public spaces during events and day-to-day activities. Thanks to the dedicated team of volunteers from the Communities in Bloom organization, the Village of Chipman continues to show true leadership in working towards being a recycling and litter-free community.  Bravo!

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