“Be a Recycling Hero!” campaign 2021 – Information for Redemption Centres

Encorp proudly launched the 2nd edition of its “Be a Recycling Hero!” public education campaign last week in celebration of Earth Day. Initiated in 2020, the “Be a Recycling Hero!” campaign aims to raise awareness on reducing litter in outdoor public spaces – especially when it comes to empty beverage containers so easy to reuse and recycle. The campaign encourages New Brunswickers to become Recycling Heroes by embracing a zero-tolerance policy towards littering, speaking up when they see someone littering, and making sure always to recycle their empty beverage containers. This year, the campaign’s ads will be featured throughout the spring and summer months on recycling bins in tourism destinations, city buses, electronic billboards, and television screens in restaurants and supermarkets, as well as in newspapers, on websites and on social media. 

In line with its strong anti-litter message, the campaign this year also includes a new initiative supported by Encorp – Community Cleanup Grants meant to inspire environmental leadership at the grassroots level by supporting litter cleanup events that beautify beaches, parks, playgrounds, trails, etc. We will be instructing our 2021 cleanup grant recipients on where to bring the recyclable materials they may find while doing their cleanups, with emphasis on setting aside empty beverage bottles and cans in reasonably good shape and bringing these to their local redemption centre.  

Read more about our “Be a Recycling Hero!” campaign and public education initiatives here: https://encorpatl.wpengine.com/news-release-be-a-recycling-hero-campaign-2021/ 

Also, we have promotional items to share with redemption centres. You will be receiving in the coming days with your spring RC Journal package some pins and bumper stickers that can be given to your customers and complimentary face masks for your staff with the Recycling Hero logo.  

Thanks again for supporting our campaign, do not hesitate to share and like this year’s ads if you see them on social media.  

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