Anti-Litter Campaign

The climate crisis and recent COVID-19 pandemic haven impacted our collective psyche for the past few months – and people all over the world are rethinking their way of life and how they have been treating the environment. The time is right for industry to show true environmental and societal leadership by encouraging proactive actions by one and all.

Encorp will thus soon launch an advertising campaign to help increase recycling rates throughout the province and reduce litter. The campaign will get New Brunswickers to stop and think twice before littering with used beverage containers and to start recycling containers more at home and while out-and-about. The campaign’s powerful slogan – “Be a Recycling Hero” –  empowers consumers to take responsibility for their actions and gives them an outlet for making a positive impact in the face of today’s environmental crisis by associating the simple act of not littering by recycling – which is so easy and simple – to that of heroism.  The goals of the campaign are to increase brand awareness for Encorp as an environmental leader and to show that industry is doing its part by recycling its containers – New Brunswick consumers must also do their part by returning their containers to redemption centres and using recycling bins in public spaces.

Watch for ads to appear this summer on buses, bus shelters, electronic billboards, in weeklies and on websites and social media.

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