Changes to Beverage Containers Program Exclusion Policy – New Containers Now Deposit-Bearing

Effective April 1, 2020, changes will be made to the Beverage Containers Program Exclusion Policy – as communicated by the New Brunswick Department of Environment and Local Government (DELG).

These changes mean that many beverage containers that used to be excluded from the program will now be deposit-bearing and thus accepted for a refund at New Brunswick redemption centres.

Encorp Atlantic has prepared a visual guide to help inform and educate redemption staff and customers as well as beverage product distributors. Redemption centres will receive posters and customer brochures with this information.

We have also prepared a handy PDF reference tool containing examples of beverage products affected by these changes. This tool can be used to look up various products by name (using the search function in any PDF viewer/reader). We will keep updating this tool regularly. If you are unsure about a certain beverage product and it is not listed in the reference tool, send us a photo ( and we will respond as well as add the product as an example in the document.

These tools have been added to the following pages of our website:

For redemption centres: Container Lists 

For distributors: Important Information for Distributors

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