Beverage Containers Part of the BCP – Tools for RC Staff

We encourage RCs to visit the “Containers List” page of our website ( — under the “RC Operators” menu) for a variety of reference tools related to beverages included/ excluded in the Beverage Containers Program (BCP), such as our handy poster related to the new products which are deposit-bearing since April 1, 2020 (beverages with dairy, certain plant-based beverages, and certain sports-type drinks). We understand that it can take some time to get used to the changes. We have thus started providing helpful clarifications regarding products for which there are often inquiries. Educational notices are issued monthly. We also plan to develop online training modules about deposit-bearing beverage products (with handy videos, product images and quizzes), which operators will be able to use to train new employees or give a refresher course to current staff. Stay tuned for the official launch!

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