Which Containers Are Accepted?

New Brunswick redemption centres accept and issue refunds for empty beverage containers purchased in the province that are deposit-bearing. Deposit-bearing means that you paid a deposit fee upon purchase on top of the price of the item.

You get a full refund of the deposit fee for refillable glass beer bottles that are returned to your local redemption centre. Refillable glass beer bottles are sent back to local breweries, cleaned, sterilized and refilled.

You get a 50% refund for all recyclable containers (plastic bottles, non-refillable glass bottles, metal cans, drinking boxes, plastic pouches, carton) that you return to your local redemption centre. A portion of the unrefunded deposit is put towards the New Brunswick Environmental Trust Fund, which is used to promote recycling activities and improve the state of the environment in the province.


Accepted Containers (Deposit-Bearing) 

All the following ready-to-drink beverage containers are deposit-bearing. If you purchased these beverage containers in New Brunswick, they can be returned to a New Brunswick redemption centre.

  • water
  • flavoured waters
  • fruit juices
  • vegetable juices
  • soft drinks
  • beer
  • wine
  • spirits
  • low alcohol drinks

Download and print this information (PDF format)


Not Accepted Containers (Non Deposit-Bearing) 

The following beverages are not considered ready-to-drink beverages and therefore, do not have a deposit.

  • Powdered or frozen juices (ex: Minute Maid, Cool Quenchers, Old South, etc.)
  • Concentrates (ex: lemon juice mix, Slush Puppy syrup, vanilla extract, etc.)
  • Fruit syrups

Not part of the program:

  • Milk and milk products (ex: milk, chocolate milk, cereal cream, yogurt, eggnog, etc.)
  • Milk substitutes (ex: soya milk, almond breeze milk, coconut milk, hemp milk, silk milk, etc.)
  • Infant formula
  • Meal replacements, nutrition shakes and liquid dietary supplements (ex: Ensure, Boost, etc.)
  • Containers greater than 5 litres
  • Containers purchased outside New Brunswick


How Can I Be Sure It Is Deposit-Bearing? 

Check your receipt for the deposit fee upon purchasing the beverage. If you paid a deposit on the beverage, you can return the empty container to a redemption centre. Please also note that you must have purchased the beverage in New Brunswick in order to return it to a New Brunswick redemption centre.


What Do I Do with Other Containers? 

Only deposit-bearing beverage containers are accepted at New Brunswick redemption centres. Non deposit-bearing beverage containers, as well as all other types of empty recyclable containers (food, household cleaning products, etc.), should be returned to your municipal or local Solid Waste Commission. Some offer a blue box or blue bag program while others do not separate recyclables from other waste streams.

Recycle NB oversees the collection and recycling of used tires, electronics, paint, used oil and glycol. More information on recycling these products is available on the Recycle NB website: www.recyclenb.com.


Poster for Schools

Download PDF
(prints on 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper)

Encorp Atlantic has produced this poster for schools which encourages staff and students to recycle and redeem their empty beverage containers by collecting them in the appropriate school recycling bin (note that schools who wish to redeem containers are responsible for setting up their own recycling bins, and bringing collected containers to their local redemption centre). Schools can print and use these posters.


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