How Should I Prepare My Containers?

Here are a few simple steps on preparing your empty beverage containers to make your visit to your local redemption centre much easier.

Please make sure to only return containers purchased in New Brunswick and accepted by the New Brunswick Beverage Containers Program. More information on accepted containers can be found here.


Remove all caps, straws and other garbage. 

Empty all liquids. 

Do not remove labels (the Return for Refund message must be on the container).

Do not crush cans.

Ensure bottles are not broken.


Reduce Your Plastic Footprint!

A great way to reduce your use of plastic when recycling and redeeming your used beverage containers is to bring your containers to your local redemption centre in reusable bags, bins or boxes.

If you use garbage bags or other types of disposable plastic bags, your local redemption centre can recycle these for you. Since June 3, 2019, Encorp Atlantic collects and recycles discarded plastic bags used by customers visiting redemption centres.  Learn more.

Encorp Atlantic Recycling Pilot Projects

Please note that some redemption centres are participating in Encorp Atlantic’s recycling research pilot projects and have an automated drop-off depot or encourage customers to use special fixed-count bags or boxes which have a fixed refund value for the number of used beverage containers they contain. More information on these pilot projects can be found here.


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