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25 years Encorp - 25 ans Encorp

2017 being the 25th anniversary of the New Brunswick Beverage Containers Program, one must reflect on the success of the past, but most importantly, on what the future holds for our industry. Encorp demonstrated its commitment to the sustainability of the New Brunswick Beverage Container Program and the long-term viability of the redemption centre business model in our 2016-2019 Roadmap. Furthermore, progress has been made recently with reduced sorts, caps-off requirements and a much improved collection system. Research projects conducted by Encorp in the Fredericton and Moncton areas have provided all stakeholders in this province with a wealth of information on consumer patterns and the numerous possibilities open to us with the added use of technology.

Going forward, cooperation amongst stakeholders is critical to the long-term viability of the redemption centre network in this province. As an example, regional service commissions in New Brunswick are constantly on the lookout for greater diversion from landfill, and centres could very well play a key role in providing that extra service. Also, the advent of extended producer responsibility programs such as paint products and e-waste, spells opportunity for operators. Change can be disruptive, but resisting progress, especially one that brings about greater convenience and efficiency, will amount to an eventual dead-end for current centre owners! So for the next 25 years, our industry must be open to progress, change and innovation!

Let’s all work together to make our program even better!

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