John Caldwell Students Revitalize Walking Trail Next to School

The Grand Falls Gorge Trail is a phenomenal walking trail offering a picturesque view of the falls and gorge. Thanks to the efforts of about 25 students from John Caldwell School, the trail was made an even more pleasant spot to spend your afternoon. In June of 2022, these Recycling Heroes spent their day cleaning the trail, improving both the environment and a beloved community space.

Recycling Heroes show appreciation for spaces they use

For the students at John Caldwell, the Grand Falls Gorge Trail is more than just a beautiful walking trail. The students often use this green space for their education. It’s an ideal area for them to take part in physical education, and to learn about science and navigation. It’s the perfect place for them to explore and learn about the world in a physical, tangible way.

Because they spend so much time here, the kids were excited to spend their day cleaning it up. They got to get rid of any trash, recycle any recyclable items, and return any beverage containers that they found during their cleanup event. The trail was renewed for learning and play after just a day of work from these students.

Cleanup events are perfect learning opportunities

Cleaning wasn’t all they did during their cleanup event. The John Caldwell teachers knew a cleanup event like this makes for a perfect learning opportunity and included this event in their lesson plan.

Short and frequent breaks were had throughout the day to sprinkle in some important lessons. While actively taking care of the environment, the students were taught about the environment, energy, and about the benefits and importance of recycling.

Thank you to the students at John Caldwell School for being Recycling Heroes!

Our environment is healthier thanks to Recycling Heroes like the teachers and students at John Caldwell School that participated in this cleanup event. We’re happy that Encorp was able to help these students clean up a space that they enjoy using so much!


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