James M. Hill High School Students Lead This Year’s Cleanup Events

Our first cleanup event of this year was completed earlier this month during the week of May 8th. The students of James M. Hill High School took to the area surrounding their school to beautify and protect the space. After some hard work, they came away with many bags filled with both garbage and recyclables to put where they belong.

Cleaning up as a preventative measure

The students at the James M. Hill High School are a passionate group – so much so that it was a student who reached out to apply for a cleanup grant. As their school is close to the Miramichi River, they were concerned about the litter working its way into the river and travelling out to the ocean. To prevent that from happening, they wanted to clean up the surrounding area as much as they could. It’s looking like Miramichi’s future will be in good hands with students like these.

And Finally… The Reward!

While the Community Cleanup Grant they received helped them get all the supplies they needed to do the cleanup, they were also able to spend some of it on a fun barbeque lunch the next day. That’s a reward well-deserved for these students putting in hard work to be Recycling Heroes!




Thank you to all the James M. Hill High School students that took a stand against littering and put in some real effort to make our province a better place. Let’s all work together to continue to make positive changes!

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