Hillcrest School Leads the Way to a Greener Community

Hillcrest School’s Eco Club got the whole school involved in a community clean-up on September 29th as part of a Terry Fox memorial walk around Jones Lake. This Eco Club’s Recycling Heroes have also dedicated time each month during the school year to continue cleaning up their community!

Taking Steps for Sustainability

Encorp’s Community Cleanup Grant made it possible for Hillcrest’s Eco Club to purchase reusable gloves for their clean-up event. These gloves can be easily washed and reused, ensuring that the Eco Club is well-prepared for their commitment to monthly clean-ups.

Committed to improving waste management, the Eco Club also started a school-wide beverage container recycling program. They put Recycling Hero bins in every classroom, making recycling easy for everyone. This sustainable initiative allows everyone to help reduce waste and support the Eco-Club’s future projects. Their recycling efforts have already earned them $20 in beverage container deposit returns since they began the program!

Green Classrooms and Healthier Air

Part of the cleanup grant that the Eco Club received was also used to bring nature indoors. They introduced plants to create calming corners in classrooms, not only improving their learning environment, but also promoting cleaner indoor air.

Many thanks to the students and staff of Hillcrest School for their impressive dedication to their community and the environment. They are true Recycling Heroes who are making a positive impact on Moncton!

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