Hartland Community School Students Clean Up the Town

The town of Hartland was cleaned up on May 31st earlier this year by all the Recycling Heroes at Hartland Community School. With a little help from their Community Cleanup Grant, this crew was able to get all the supplies they needed to make Hartland a cleaner, better place for community members and visitors alike!

Divide and conquer!

As they knew how much debris and litter can pile up throughout the winter, these Recycling Heroes wanted to make sure their community was clean and litter-free for the nice weather in spring and summer. Since the whole school wanted to participate in the clean-up event, they split up to cover more ground throughout the town. The elementary students cleaned the school property, the middle school students cleaned the surrounding streets, and the high school students cleaned the banks of the St. John River and Becaguimec stream.

Thank you to the Hartland Community School Recycling Heroes


The town of Hartland is a much healthier and cleaner place now that these Recycling Heroes have picked up the garbage and recyclables littering the town. Thank you so much to the teachers and students that organized and participated in this clean-up event, and thank you for returning and recycling beverage containers found during the cleanup!

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