Harcourt School “Nature Ninjas” take pride in their community

When you think of ninjas, typically you would imagine the ancient Japanese warriors. But students at Harcourt School in Harcourt, New Brunswick were dubbed “Nature Ninjas” as part of their school community cleanup event held on November 22, 2021.

With the help of the Encorp Recycling Heros Community Cleanup Grant, the school was able to purchase bright green safety vests for each of the 20 students who participated with “Harcourt School Nature Ninjas” embroidered on the back.

The day started with students and staff gathering at the back of the school to discuss safety expectations for picking up litter near the road and picking up sharp objects. The students were then provided with their special vests and gloves, courtesy of Encorp, and garbage bags. Students were then divided into groups of 3 and set to go clean their neighbouring area.

Students set off with the goal of collecting as much litter as possible. They cleaned for upwards of an hour before gathering again at the back of the school to discuss some of what was found and how they thought it ended up there. Students recognized that the earth is not a dumping ground and that all people, young and old, have the responsibility to dispose of litter responsibly.

The event was such a great success that students suggested that it become a regular practice at the school. In fact, a spring cleanup is already being organized.

The students certainly felt proud of their efforts and inspired to keep helping the environment while hoping to inspire others in the community to do the same. We at Encorp are proud of everyone at Harcourt School and your commitment to keeping your community litter free.

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