Community comes together to clean in Belleisle

The Belleisle Watershed Coalition (BWC) held its autumn clean up over two days this past November 10th and 11th, 2021. This clean-up engaged with the community and residents along a 5 km stretch of Route 124 in Belleisle to help clean up the roadside litter to keep the community clean, prevent it from washing into Belleisle Bay and the local marshland.

Together with the Encorp Recycling Hero Community Cleanup Grant and the support provided by the Regional Service Commission 8 (RCS8), who provided garbage bags, recycle guides, and disposal for the cleanup, the BWC were able to raise awareness and encourage stewardship in the watershed.

The funding and support provided the BWC with the means and materials to hold the event and engage with the community to help raise awareness of the environmental issues created from littering.

The clean-up also allowed the BWC to foster a stronger partnership with the Boys & Girls Club, who came out to help clean-up around the Belleisle Community Centre. Additionally, 24 residents from the community also helped pick up litter over the two days.

The result was the collection of 30 bags of mostly plastic litter from food packaging being collected along the Route and diverted to the region’s waste management facility.

Despite the inclement weather the clean up was a great success thanks to the BWC, local residents, and community groups who made this clean-up possible.

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