Académie Notre Dame Students Get the Full Recycling Experience

During May this year, a group of around 40 students from Académie Notre Dame in Dalhousie cleaned up around the school and the beach. After successfully cleaning up litter and recyclables, Dalhousie’s Recycling Heroes went to a redemption centre to return the beverage containers they collected and learn all about the beverage container recycling process.  

From the School Grounds to the Beach 

Starting at the school grounds, the 4th and 5th-grade students of Académie Notre Dame made their way down to the beach, cleaning up the sides of the road the whole way down. Once the group of Recycling Heroes made their way down to the beach, they continued to clean up the litter and recyclables along the shore. Thanks to their efforts, everyone at Dalhousie can enjoy a beautiful, clean beach! 

Learning at Billy’s Bottle Exchange 

After their cleanup event and with used beverage containers in hand, the group made their way to Billy’s Bottle Exchange to return what they had collected. As the students of Académie Notre Dame are regular recyclers, they were especially excited to learn all about what happens when beverage containers get returned to a redemption centre. Thanks to the employees at Billy’s Bottle Exchange for taking the time to teach these Recycling Heroes about the recycling process! 

Thank you to the 4th and 5th-grade students of Académie Notre Dame for all your hard work earlier this year. Cleaning up that litter makes a real difference to everyone in the community, and recycling the beverage containers makes a real difference to the environment. 

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