1st Oromocto Scout Group Fulfills Promise to Protect the Earth

Thanks to the Recycling Heroes in the 1st Oromocto Scout Group, the Oromocto River Shoreline around Hazen Park is cleaner and more vibrant than it was before. On June 4th, 2022, a formidable crew of around 50 of the group’s members got together to clean the unwanted litter in the area, doing their part to keep this green space healthy and inviting.

The 1st Oromocto Scout Group are Recycling Hero regulars

Bottle drives and community cleanups are already a regular part of this group’s activities. To help fundraise for their organization, these frequent Recycling Heroes hold 2-3 bottle drives per year. While they collect recyclable beverage containers through their community, they also routinely organize and participate in community cleanup events around public parks and along hiking trails.

For the 1st Oromocto Scout Group, bottle drives and community cleanups do double-duty: they’re good fundraising opportunities, and they allow the scouts to fulfill their promise to protect the earth.

For their cleanup event at Hazen Park, the scouts cleaned an impressive amount of litter! They took away 40lbs of garbage from the park, plus a bag of recyclables and a bag of bottles for their drive. While it’s a shame there was so much litter at the park in the first place, the 1st Oromocto Scout Group did an amazing job during their cleanup event.

Safety is always made a priority during community cleanups

Whenever doing a community cleanup, safety is always a priority for the 1st Oromocto Scout Group. It’s against scout law to leave any litter behind simply because they don’t have the safety equipment or tools necessary to take it away. So, the scout group always ensures they have everything they need to keep everyone safe and pick up any litter they see.

To that end, the Community Cleanup Grant they received from Encorp was a big help. The 1st Oromocto Scout Group was able to afford more disposable gloves and high-visibility safety vests for everyone participating in the cleanup. They were also able to purchase some wagons to help haul all the garbage out of the park.

Thank you for your community service

Encorp wants to give a big thanks to the 1st Oromocto Scout Group for being Recycling Heroes and cleaning up the Oromocto River shoreline. Thanks to groups like them, New Brunswick remains a beautiful province with plenty of green space to explore. We’re glad we were able to help fund this cleanup so that they could get all the supplies they needed!

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