Woodstock First Nation Health Centre challenges community to keep it litter free

The Encorp Recyling Hero Community Cleanup Grant provides schools and organizations the means to cleanup their neighbourhoods and communities. When the Woodstock First Nation Health Centre received their grant, they challenged the entire community to get involved in the cleanup.

The goal of the “Community Recycling Challenge” was to allow the entire community to lead by example and help keep their community litter free.

The 20 participants within the Woodstock First Nation received a small recycling bin, a pickup tool for litter, gloves courtesy of Encorp, compostable bags, reusable straws and a pamphlet explaining the dos and don’ts of recycling.

The participants then documented and submitted photos of themselves doing “green acts” such as recycling cardboard, bringing beverage containers to the depot, cleaning up around their property, upcycling, and many other environmentally friendly acts.

Congratulations to the Woodstock First Nation for taking on such a wonderful green initiative. It’s a wonderful way to encourage respect for beautiful outdoor spaces and communicate the importance of keeping outdoor areas litter-free.

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