Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance leads by example with help from Recycling Hero Grant

Environmentalism is the name of the game for the Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance (PWA). So, when they decided to organize a cleanup event along Jonathan Creek and Berry Mills Road in Moncton, New Brunswick, they applied for an Encorp Recycling Hero Community Cleanup Grant and went to work on a rainy Sunday afternoon on November 21st.

The non-profit organization recruited 15 “Waste Warriors” to help with the cleanup. They were supplied with gloves, courtesy of Encorp, and garbage pickers to allow participants to pick-up any litter in a safer fashion. Participants also got water, coffee, hot chocolate, fruit, and snacks for their efforts.

As the afternoon progressed, the participants were shocked at some of the items they found that were tossed to the side.

“There were plastic items such as packaging, toys, and household items such as blinds discarded in the ditches,” explains Brittany Cormier, Project Leader with the Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance.

The effort by the PWA and volunteers allowed for the cleanup of approximately one tonne of litter from the surrounding area, which was properly disposed of with the help of Eco360. Of what was collected, many were recyclables that could possibly be reused.

Thank you to the Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance and to all the volunteers for their commitment in making our communities a cleaner place for everyone.



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