9th Grade Class of Polyvalente Louis-Mailloux Tackles Environmental Issues

On the 29th of May, the 9th-grade class of Polyvalente Louis-Mailloux tackled environmental issues by going out into their community and cleaning up litter. This group of Recycling Heroes managed to clean a surprising amount of trash, debris, and recyclables from areas all around their school in Caraquet. 

Learning About Environmental Issues 

Cleaning up our outdoor spaces is essential not only because it improves how those spaces look and feel, but because of litter’s terrible and lasting effect on our environment. Prior to their cleanup event, these students had a lesson on the impact of over-consumption on the environment, followed by a lively discussion on the topic. 

Taking Positive Steps Towards Improving the Environment 

After taking the time to discuss environmental issues and possible solutions, these young go-getters went out into their community to take action and clean up their public outdoor spaces. They were surprised to find so much trash and recyclables littering the ground around their school and the beach. Thankfully, they were able to spend their time helping out the environment, throwing away the trash, and putting recyclables where they belong. 

Thanks so much to this group of Recycling Heroes for cleaning up the community of Caraquet! Their hard work will certainly be appreciated by all those walking through the beautiful outdoor spaces of their town. 

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