Saint Mary’s Academy Rewards Students for Cleaning as Much Litter as They Can

The grades k-12 students of Saint Mary’s Academy were all invited to clean up the community from 12 to 1:30 on June 2nd. The groups of students cleaned the school grounds, surrounding community spaces, the local community park (Parc Lion), and the forest by the school. At the end of the event, some lucky winners were rewarded with eco-friendly prizes. 

Saint Mary’s Academy Students Are Super Recycling Heroes 

The Recycling Heroes from Saint Mary’s Academy managed to clean up a shocking amount of litter and recyclables from the community spaces around their school. A total of 63kg of litter was collected that day, along with another 2.63kg of beverage containers. All that litter finally got tossed where it belongs, and the beverage containers were all returned to a redemption centre! 

The Prize Draw to End the Day 

To make the cleanup event a bit more exciting, Saint Mary’s Academy students decided to hold a prize draw with a total of 43 prizes for anyone who participated. To encourage everyone to pick up as much litter as they could, especially recyclables, participants were given tickets to enter the draw based on the amount they cleaned up, and were given even more tickets if they picked up deposit-bearing beverage containers. To make a lasting impact, the available prizes were all eco-friendly objects that would be able to reduce single-use items. 

The Saint Mary’s Academy students did a wonderful job cleaning up their community and having a positive impact environment. These forward-thinkers not only managed to clean up litter in their region, but also prevent more litter from piling up by providing sustainable and reusable prizes to the cleanup participants. Thanks so much to these Recycling Heroes for the work they did that day! 

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