Zero Waste Week A Success in Pont-Lafrance

From June 21 to 26, 2021, the Club Sportif de Pont-Lafrance Inc. held a Zero Waste Week with the objective of involving community members in the cleanup and collection of litter throughout the outdoor areas in Pont-LaFrance, New Brunswick. Having applied for and received a Recycling Heroes Community Cleanup Grant from Encorp Atlantic, Mrs. Claudine Ferron and other members of the club were able to obtain the necessary materials and invest in some advertising to promote their special event and recruit participants.

Each day throughout the Zero Waste Week, small groups took turns picking up litter at various locations, including along the river, the shoreline, in parks and playgrounds, etc. About 30 people, including many families with young children, took part in these cleanups. At the end of the week, participants gathered for a fun BBQ to celebrate their hard work. Fifteen bags were filled during the week with litter that was found in the community’s outdoor spaces. These beautiful outdoor areas are now cleaner and more welcoming.

The club hopes that this event has helped increase civic pride and encouraged residents to be more aware of pollution and the importance of not littering. Their goal already seems to be well on its way since Mrs. Ferron reports that she has received many positive comments from community members and that many people have indicated that they will be on the lookout for litter and stop to pick litter items off the ground from now on when they encounter such items outside in the region’s beautiful outdoor spaces.

BRAVO to the Club Sportif de Pont-Lafrance – and to all residents in Pont-Lafrance ! We encourage you to continue your environmental efforts to keep your beautiful community clean and litter free.


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