Community Cleanup Events – Celebrating Earth Day and Beyond

In April, communities across New Brunswick united to demonstrate their dedication to environmental care and community involvement through various cleanup initiatives. Eight recipients of Encorp’s Recycling Hero Community Cleanup Grants organized cleanup events during April, many of which coincided with Earth Day celebrations.

The following schools and community groups all held their cleanup events in April 2024:

  • Sir James Dunn Academy
  • The Town of Grand-Bouctouche
  • La Mosaïque du Nord
  • Le groupe de développement durable du Pays de Cocagne
  • École Mathieu Martin
  • École Blanche-Bourgeois
  • Community Living Center in St. George
  • École Donat-Robichaud

Joining Forces for a Cleaner Environment

People of all ages and backgrounds, from schools to community groups, worked together to take tangible steps towards improving their environment. With the help of Encorp’s Recycling Hero Community Cleanup Grants, as well as extra support from local municipalities, these groups were able to get all the supplies they needed for the cleanup crews to participate safely and effectively. Through collective action and shared commitment, communities tackled environmental challenges together, fostering a sense of unity.

Educating and Inspiring the Next Generation

All of the participating schools, and many of the community groups, encouraged students to participate in cleanup activities, showing them how they can take care of the environment and make a difference early on. They didn’t just pick up litter; they learned about recycling, waste management, and why it’s important not to litter. By spreading awareness and giving hands-on learning experiences, these events helped people of all ages understand how they can help protect the planet for the future.

Turning Littered Beverage Containers into Funds

These cleanup events offered schools and community organizations an additional benefit – fundraising through recycling littered beverage containers at redemption centres. The Recycling Heroes of École Mathieu Martin even donated the proceeds to Oceana, an international organization dedicated to ocean conservation.

Celebrating Successes

Participants in most cleanup events celebrated their achievements and reflected on the impact of their actions. Whether it was planting seeds for a fresh start or simply coming together, each event left a lasting impression, reinforcing the importance of collective efforts in creating a cleaner, healthier planet. Looking forward, these Recycling Heroes remain committed to their environmental objectives and are eager to continue making a positive impact.

More Cleanup Events on the Horizon

A big thank you to everyone who participated in April’s cleanup events! The amount of garbage, recyclables, and beverage containers collected was remarkable, leaving our province looking and feeling much better.

Fortunately, this is just the beginning. Keep an eye out for cleanup events happening throughout the summer and even into the fall! If you hear of one in your community, we encourage you to lend a helping hand.

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