Why is it important to recycle?

  • Left on the ground or in a landfill, a plastic bottle takes 400 years to break down.
  • Plastic bottles collected for recycling are usually made into carpeting and fibrefill for pillows, sleeping bags and ski jackets, but can also be made into t-shirts and fleeces, automotive parts, and floor tiles.
  • Left on the ground or in a landfill, it takes one million years for a glass bottle to break down.
  • Recycled glass containers are used to create new bottles and jars as well as fiberglass, and is used as aggregate material in roads and sidewalks.
Aluminum & Steel 
  • Left on the ground or in a landfill,  an aluminum takes 500 years to break down, and a container made out of steel takes 100 years.
  • Aluminum is the most valuable recyclable material. When they have been re-melted, aluminum cans can be used in any product made from aluminum.
  • When recovered steel is used instead of iron to make new steel, water consumption is reduced by about 50%.
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Source: http://www.urbanimpact.com/resources/green-tips/RecyclingFacts.pdf

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