Recycling Plastic Bags

Reduce Your Plastic Footprint!

A great way to reduce your use of plastic when recycling and redeeming your used beverage containers is to bring your containers to your local redemption centre in reusable bags, bins or boxes.

If you use garbage bags or other types of disposable plastic bags, your local redemption centre can recycle these for you. It will also recycle used shopping bags and other single-use plastic bags you may have accumulated at home.

New Brunswick Redemption Centres Accept and Recycle All Types of Plastic Bags 

  • Plastic bags only (plastic wraps and packaging used for food or other items not accepted).
  • Bags must be non-contaminated (no liquids/food particles).
  • No bottle caps, straws and other garbage.
  • No paper.
  • No ties.

Find your local New Brunswick redemption centre here. 

Please note: No monetary compensation is offered for used plastic bags. 
Recycling plastic bags is a service offered by New Brunswick redemption centre in collaboration with Encorp Atlantic to lower our province’s environmental footprint. Thank you for recycling with us!


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