Pickup Logistics & Procedures

Pickups Schedules & Replenishment of Bulking Supplies

Encorp Atlantic’s collection & transportation service provider, G.M. Rioux & Fils, collects all non-alcoholic deposit-bearing beverage containers from redemption centres throughout the province. It follows a regular pickup schedule.

If you need to schedule a pickup or replenish shipping supplies (bulk bags, pallets, tubs, tags, etc.), please contact one of the following, depending on the type of container:

  • Non-alcoholic beverage containers (Encorp Atlantic) : G.M. Rioux –  506-473-1764
  • Alcoholic beverage containers (NB Liquor): Rayan Investments Ltd – 506-858-1600
  • Refillable beer bottles (local breweries): Department of Environment and Local Government to identify the local agent in your area.

Both service providers have been asked to strive to maintain a regular pickup schedule for each centre (except under special
circumstances such as bad weather conditions and other unforeseen events) and to publish daily pickup schedules before 3 pm
for the following day.

Who Will Pick Up Refillable Beer Containers?
Breweries will continue to manage refillable beer containers. Please refer to them for pickup schedules and instructions.
Who Will Pick Up E-Waste and Paint?
Encorp does not manage recycling e-waste and paint. Please refer to your centre’s appropriate service providers regarding
e-waste and paint pickups where applicable.
What About Non-Deposit-Bearing Glass?
Encorp does not manage recycling non-deposit-bearing glass containers such as food jars and other containers. Please refer
to your centre’s appropriate service provider regarding the recycling of glass containers not part of the Beverage Containers

Pickup Procedures & Best Practices

Redemption centres should review the following illustrated guides related to ensuring proper pickup of bulk bags and tubs for Encorp.

Illustrated Guide - How to Ensure Proper Pickup of Bulk Bags and Tubs

Updated April 2023

Reminder - Show Your Barcode to Drivers

Updated April 2023

Reminder - Hazardous Materials

Updated April 2023

Incident Reports

Incidents between redemption centres and drivers during the pickup process should be promptly reported to Encorp. Please click on the links provided to download and send us your incident report form.

Incident Report Form - Redemption Centres

(Fillable PDF)

Incident Report Form - Drivers

(Fillable PDF)


Redemption centres receive paymens of both handling fee and refund for from Encorp for both alcohol (non-refillable) and non-alcohol beverage container – meaning all deposit-bearing beverage containers except refillable beer.

Payment schedule :

  • Monday and Tuesday pickups – paid by end of day Wednesday;
  • Wednesday pickups – paid by end of day Thursday;
  • Thursday, and Friday pickup – paid by end of day Monday.

Note that unforeseen events (such as inclement weather, statutory holidays or problems offloading at the processing centre) may impact the payment schedule. Please allow an additional 1 to 3 days to receive payment in these cases.

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