Plastic Bag Recycling Program – Poster for RCs and Simple Steps to Follow

Bulky items and contaminants have been found in our Encorp bulk bags (Sort #30).

Simple steps all redemption centre owners and staff should take immediately:

  • When receiving bags bundled up by customers, make sure they are empty before placing them inside an Encorp bulk bag. Encourage customers to keep shopping bags and other plastic bags they want to recycle separately – not in bundles – which makes it easier to see that there is nothing left inside a bag.
  • Do not confuse Sort #30 (Plastic Bag Recycling) with trash cans, bins or receptacles that you might be using to collect waste at your redemption centre.
  • Large garbage bags and other plastic bags used by customers to bring their beverage containers to your centre get emptied by staff when counting the containers. Staff need only to give one last glance to make sure there are no caps or ties left inside these bags before placing them into an Encorp bulk bag (Sort #30).

Encorp has also sent all redemption centres printed copies of a poster on this topic, which can be used to educate your customers.  Redemption centres can also download a copy here:

Encorp Poster – Plastic Bag Recycling Instructions for Customers – English

Encorp Poster – Plastic Bag Recycling Instructions for Customers – French


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